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Attendance and Engagement

Attendance and Engagement

An important condition of your Tier 4/Student visa is that you fulfil the academic requirements of your programme, and maintain satisfactory attendance and engagement. This requirement is also laid out in the University regulations.  UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) require the University to ensure that all Tier 4/Student visa holders are engaging satisfactorily with their programmes. Poor attendance or failure to engage with your programme could lead to you being withdrawn from the University and your visa being curtailed.

If you hold a Tier 4/Student visa, these rules apply whether you are currently located in Exeter, or are studying remotely from your home country (or elsewhere).  Check the information relevant to your level of study below to find out how we monitor your engagement.

We understand that health or personal problems can sometimes have an impact on how you engage with your programme. The university can offer you advice and support. You can contact the Welfare Team confidentially if you have any personal, health or wellbeing difficulties – you can find details of how to contact the Welfare Adviser for your Info Point here.


You will always receive emails notifying you if your engagement is below what it should be. If you receive one of these emails is it is important that you read the information in it carefully and follow the advice given in the email. This will include sources of advice and support for you to access if you are experiencing any difficulties which are affecting your ability to attend regularly. If you do have any ongoing health or personal problems which are impacting upon your studies it is important that you make the University aware of these so that you can be offered appropriate support.

Monitoring engagement

The way in which your engagement is monitored will differ depending on your level of study:

We collect data on use of online learning materials and sessions, and also through submission of assessments and exams.  You will be able to record your attendance at some sessions (whether in person or remotely) using Student Check In. Student Check In is not being used for all sessions so don’t worry if you’re not always able to use it – there are other ways in which we record your engagement. You will also not be able to use Student Check In if you are watching recorded lectures via Recap, even if you see the code on the recording.


There will of course be times when you have to miss a teaching event due to, for example, illness. If you are going to be absent you should make sure that you report this through the absence reporting function in iExeter (under the Teaching & Learning Tools tile).

During placements

As the University continues to act as Tier 4/Student sponsor during periods of study abroad or industrial placement we are also required to continue monitoring your attendance during this time. Please make sure you maintain good attendance while you are studying overseas or are on industrial placement, and also respond to emails from your placement coordinator.

Attendance of postgraduate research students is monitored through the monthly supervisor contacts in MyPGR. Please make sure that you submit these each month as soon as possible after the meeting with your supervisor has occurred.


Full details of the process which the university uses to monitor engagement can be found in this document: 

Engagement Monitoring 2021/22