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Visa Conditions

Ensure you comply with your visa conditions to protect your immigration status within the UK.

» Working in the UK

All students have work restrictions and limits. Check to see what your conditions are.

» Lost or stolen BRPs and Passports

Get advice if you have lost or had stolen your BRP and/or passport.

» BRP errors

Check the details carefully on your BRP, as any errors must be corrected. Get advice for how to get this corrected.

» Update personal details

Make sure the University and UKVI are kept up-to-date with any changes in your personal details.

» eVisas

From 2022, some students will receive their visa as a digital immigration status. Find out more on this page.

» Attendance and Engagement

You must ensure your attendance is satisfactory, and notify the university if you cannot attend.

» Changing programme

Changing the length, level or programme of study will likely have implications for your visa.

» Interrupting or withdrawing

Interrupting or wtihdrawing from your studies may have implications on your visa.

» Retaking exams/modules

If you need to retake certain modules or exams, or repeat whole years, check out the implications for your visa.

» Study and research overseas

Find out what you need to do with your Tier 4 visa status if you spend some time studying or researching abroad.

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» Withdrawing immigration sponsorship

Certain circumstances may require us to withdraw immigration sponsorship.