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Online module selection

Online module selection

Online module selection (OMS) for students returning for the academic year 2024/25 will be open from 18th March 2024. 

You can research modules available for your programme through your college website to enable you to make an informed choice. More information about the module selection process is available below.

You must submit and confirm your selections by 5pm on Thursday 28th March 2024. Please note if you do not select your modules by this date they will be allocated for you.

If you have any questions around Online Module Selection or about using the Online Module Selection system please review the student FAQs and user guide below. If you have any questions regarding your module choices, please contact your Hub Info Point. Contact details of the Info Point teams can be found here.

You can select your modules via SRS (Student Records System) either directly here, or via your MyExeter.

For guidance and instructions on how to select your modules, please watch the videos below. 


A General Introduction to Online Module Selection

How to do your Ranking For Online Module Selection


As of the dates above, the Online Module Selection window will open. To select your modules you will need to access the Student Records & Registration (SRS) system. You can do this via MyExeter once you have registered and activated your IT account. 

All modules now have the option to be ranked but not all modules will need to be.  Watch this video to understand more: A Guide to OMS Ranking. 

Despite the University's best efforts, we are not always able to guarantee you will receive a place on certain modules due to limited availability. To make sure we fairly allocate students based on your preferences we ask you to rank a series of modules. This will vary between disciplines, not all modules will have a ranking system in place. 

Some modules are flexible in nature meaning that they are not restricted in terms of student numbers. If you are not asked to rank module choices it means that these modules are not capped and therefore we do not need to receive your preferences.

Within the Online Module Selection system, you will notice a group of modules called modularity options’. Here you will see a list of modules you are able to select outside your programme. Please note that some students will be unable to select modules this way due to their individual programmes of study. 

Some modules cannot be selected through this process but are available through module change; once you have confirmed your initial selections, you will be able to apply for a change of module.  You MUST have completed your module selections before asking for a change.  

You will have the opportunity to change modules. Please do not do this until you have confirmed your initial selections.

Following feedback last year the system will be in place again to help manage the volume of students all trying to access the system simultaneously and ensuing a good experience for all. You may have to wait to access the system and a screen will be displayed telling you how long you may have to wait to access the system