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Module change FAQ

Please see below some of the most commonly asked questions.  If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, please contact your Hub/Info Point.

You should use the form for the hub which owns the module you want to take. Your request will go to the discipline who will make an initial decision based on whether there is space on the module and whether you have any necessary pre-requisites. The request is then passed to your home discipline to confirm the change.

The format of a module code can tell you a lot about the module.  The first three letters relate to the discipline (GEO for Geography, BEE for Economics etc).  The fourth character denotes the level of the module; levels 1, 2, 3 (undergraduate modules) and M (postgraduate modules).  The final three characters act as a unique identifier to differentiate the module from others.


Example: SOCM107 is a postgraduate Sociology module.  PHY1004 is a first year Physics module.

You can find module descriptors on your programme webpage, or you can search for specific module codes using the website search function. Module descriptors contain key information such as learning outcomes, assessments, re-assessments, credit weighting, and more. Be sure to check that you are reading the descriptor for the correct academic year 

Unfortunately we can't provide this information as info point staff don't have access to the list, and numbers can change rapidly.

If there is no space on the module you want to take, you will be added to a waiting list. Module numbers change rapidly so it is not possible for your info point to give out this information - though it may look like there is space on the system, there could be a queue of requests being processed before yours. It's important to understand that if you are placed on a waiting list a place may not become available. If a place does open up, we will promptly inform you. However, we advise against relying on this possibility due to this module's popularity. If you would like certainty in changing modules, please consider a different module change request. 

Modules are capped for a variety of reasons, but in most cases it will depend on the size of the teaching spaces.  This will either be the lecture theatre capacity, or the aggregate totals of small groups put together.  If there is space in a lecture, this doesn't necessarily mean there is space on the module.

Teaching spaces are booked after Online Module Selection in March.  Where possible we will try to increase room sizes or add extra seminar groups if there is demand, but due to space constraints and other restrictions this is not always possible.

You cannot drop a term 1 module after module change closes in early October.  If you have received teaching and submitted work, you must complete it.

If you have selected a 30-credit module which has teaching in terms 1 and 2, you will not be able to make any changes after term 1 module change closes.

Some disciplines have 30-credit modules that run completely in term 2, and you will be able to change these until January module change closes.  You may also be able to switch between different types of dissertation if your discipline allows it.

If you want to take two 15-credit modules and drop a 30-credit module, you can do this via the online module change form.  Please select 30 credits on the module change form and you will see two drop down menu's below to select a 15 credit module from each.

The pre-requisites rules are there for a reason, so you have some grounding which will help to the completion of the module. However, in a few circumstances (i.e. you are an exchange or direct entry student), you are able to make a case to the Module Lead and try and gain permission. Once you have gained permission, you must send this permission onto the Hub which will automatically generate a SID enquiry number and on the module form please put the SID enquiry number within the notes box.

We endeavour to process module changes within 5 working days.

If you no longer want to go ahead with a change, it's important that you let the Hub know so we don't make unnecessary changes, and you don't lose your spot on the module you want to stay on. Please call or visit the info point to cancel your module change - e-mails and SID enquiries may not reach us in time.

Submit an online form to request to change your modules.  Any changes made will be space and timetable permitting and will be on a first come first served basis.  This request is not a guarantee that any changes can happen, given the popularity of some modules.   Final year students cannot take level 1 modules and you can only take modules at or below your current level, not above.

First year modules will only be available to select in September, after new students have made their selections.

Once your module change has been confirmed, your ELE pages will update overnight. Your new timetable should be visible within 48 hours of your confirmation e-mail. To ensure that you are checking the latest version of your timetable, please ensure that you refresh each week that you are checking.

You can contact the timetabling team to see if a change of slot is posible, but it is not guaranteed.