Picus on tree

Picus in use on a tree.

Example Picus report

Tree decay detection with our Picus tree survey

The arborists in the University of Exeter’s Grounds Team are able to offer their services in operating a Picus survey of trees which may have internal rot and decay in the trunk. This aids decision making in terms of risk management of trees.

Surveys are carried out at a rate of £50 per hour, with an additional mileage charge of £1 per mile. The survey, results and an interpretational key are provided for this fee.  Please note, surveys usually take 2 hours.

This service is available to all members of the community, whether private or commercial customers, within a 25 mile radius of Exeter.

If you are interested in this service and would like to receive a quote, please email us or phone 01392 725531.

Picus chart

This scan shows a 2 dimensional scan across a single plane through the tree.  The survey uses sound waves and the speed they travel through timber to help clarify the extent of rot and decay.