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Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Connolly

Andrew Connolly became Chief Financial Officer on 1 April 2013. A member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group and reporting to the Provost, Andrew is responsible for leading and managing the University’s financial affairs.

Andrew Connolly joined the University in February 2012.

Previously Andrew was Director of Finance at the University of Essex for ten years and where he played a major part in the Vice-Chancellor’s change management programme, devising new devolved management and budgetary structures, implementing a new finance system and leading on a number of major transactions. Prior to Essex, Andrew was Assistant Director of Finance at the University of Birmingham.

Andrew is Chair of the Financial Reporting Group (FRP) of the British Universities Finance Director Group, the body that produces the HE/FE Statement of Recommendation Accounting Practice (SORP) which is currently planning the sectors transition to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Andrew is a Chartered Public Finance Accountant and holds a BA in Economics from the University of Reading.