Science and Engineering Research Support Facility (SERSF) Extension

The £5.5 million Science and Engineering Research Support Facility (SERSF) was developed to bring together pioneering business, science and engineering on the Penryn Campus.

The facility has allowed the University’s Business School to expand into Cornwall with the aim of growing the local economy, creating jobs and wealth by building on existing education and research assets, and supporting the development of high-value businesses, people, knowledge, investment and research. The building features a specially designed area for business engagement called ‘The Collaboratory’, from which dedicated staff, along with the University’s Knowledge Exchange team, will lead a number of long-term research projects with selected local business partners.

SERSF is also home to the University’s existing Marine Renewables team and the growing Centre for Ecology and Conservation (CEC).

Extending SERSF

Work has now begun on a £10.2 million extension to the SERSF building which will allow further growth for the University’s Business School, the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, and the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

Construction continues throughout the year with completion scheduled for later this year.