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Exeter China Alumni Association (ECAA)

China Alumni Association

Organisation Structure:

ECAA committee members:

PositionName Subject/Year 

President (会长)

Wenjie Li  MSC Accounting and Finance 2012
Vice-President (副会长) Yingwei Liu  MSc Accounting and Investment, 2012
Secretariat (秘书处) Deyuan (Charles) Lin MSc International Management with Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 2016
Events Shanghai (上海活动负责人) Meng (Christy) Gao  MSc Marketing, 2013
Events Beijing (北京活动负责人) Lu (Iris) Zhang  BA Accounting Studies, 2015
Events Guangzhou & Shenzhen (广州&深圳活动负责人) Carina (Xin) Zhou  BA Business Studies, 2014
Events Chengdu (成都活动负责人) Yinyin Fang MSc Money and Banking 2015



There are many ways alumni can support the University of Exeter as a volunteer, please visit our volunteering webpage for full details and simply register your interest online and we'll send you more details about how to get involved.

You may wish to share your professional experience to support the employability of alumni and current students via the Career Mentor Scheme and eXepert Scheme. Help inspire the next generation of alumni by sharing your study and career experience by completing an online Alumni Career Profile.

Past events

2018 Offer Holder新生见面会 | 北京 · 上海 · 广州

2018 ECAA校友会年终总结会在上海召开





Events photo gallery






Past events

Find out ECAA upcoming events from our Notification Page or scan the QR Code on the right side of webpage. Propose an event and let’s make it happen! Contact Event Leader by searching “christyhappyworld” in WeChat.

Country Contacts

Country Contact volunteers are available to support and answer questions from alumni, current and prospective students. Feel free to contact the volunteer in your region via email:

 CountryName Subject/Year WeChatEmail
China Flag China (Shanghai) Wenjie Li MSc Accounting and Finance 2012 alanlee13
China Flag China (Shanghai) Yingwei Liu MSc Finance and Investment 2012 18521032018
China Flag China (Shanghai) Rui Li MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering 2016 rl393992036
China (Beijing) Zhipeng Yan MSc Financial Economics 2018 18310128424
China Flag China (Guangzhou) Yingcheng Su MSc Finance and Investment 2014 wingchingso
China Flag China (Shenzhen) Li Chong  MSc Finance and Investment 2017 jessicalevele
China Flag China (Chengdu) Mengwei Zhang BA Accounting and Finance 2014 1207621213

Engaging and supporting alumni in China

The Exeter China Alumni Association (ECAA) was founded by volunteers in 2012 and has since grown into Exeter's largest international network supporting alumni across China with chapters in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

ECAA's goals are to:

  • encourage a lifelong relationship between alumni and the University
  • increase alumni involvement with the University (volunteering and events)
  • support alumni in professional development (employability)
  • engage alumni through social activities (events and social media)
  • grow the University of Exeter 'brand' in China
  • offer advice, support and guidance to current and prospective students

Who are we?

The Exeter China Alumni Association ECAA was founded for the purpose to build a strong network of alumni from the University of Exeter in China, and to keep all alumni connected to their Alma Mater through various channels. It is committed to cultivating a lifelong relationship between the University and alumni through fostering camaraderie among alumni in China. The association supports the mission of the University of Exeter and in doing so affords alumni opportunities for continued professional development, networking, and at the same time acts as a communication platform, and an online library resource. Read more about the ECAA via their welcome message and a letter from President.

The ECAA volunteer committee give their time and expertise to support alumni throughout their whole Exeter journey – from prospective students through to welcoming all alumni in China to get involved in events to support their university. ECAA organise annual employability activities, professional networking events and social gatherings. Also, ECAA support alumni entrepreneurship and investment in China and UK. For more details, please scan our QR codes on the right side.

How to join us?

Without the support of our alumni, Exeter would not be a world leading universities. So let’s join to make ECAA better today, and even better tomorrow!

Connect with alumni in China via the following steps for the latest news, events, re-connect with old classmates and make new contacts.

❶ Click the link Engaging and supporting alumni association in China or Scan QR Code on the right side of webpage.

❷ Follow us on WeChat by search “ExeterAlumni” in WeChat Subscription or Scan QR Code on the right side of webpage.

❸ Follow us on Weibo by click "埃克塞特大学校友会Homepage" or Scan QR Code on the right side of webpage.

❹ Join WeChat Group by search “alanlee6688”and Contact group leader to invite. Or Scan QR Code on the right side of webpage. We have national groups and four major regional groups: East China, North China, Southern China & West China.

❺ Find out ECAA upcoming events from the Notification Page or Scan QR Code on the right side of webpage. Propose an event and let’s make it happen! Contact Event Leader by search “christyhappyworld” in WeChat.

❻ If you have a great entrepreneurial project that needs funds, resources, and support, contact ECAA. If you are a senior alumnus/alumna who can help alumni to start a business, please contact ECAA and find more alumni entrepreneurship programmes here. For more information, please see our Alumni Entrepreneurship Support and Cooperation Page or scan the QR Code on the right side of webpage.

❼ Follow us on our LinkedIn Group.

❽ ECAA Contacts:

  • National:Wenjie Li,;WeChat:alanlee13
  • Yingwei Liu,;WeChat:goodheartliu
  • Shanghai:Christy Gao,;WeChat:christyhappyworld
  • Beijing:Iris Zhang,;WeChat:LUU271
  • Guangzhou:Carina Zhou,;WeChat:carina_mint
  • Shenzhen:Deyuan Lin,;WeChat:dukyuenlam
  • Chengdu:Silver Fang,;WeChat:Silver--YY

❾ Can’t see what you were looking for here? Contact the ECAA committee via


If you are interested in volunteering to support the ECAA, or if you would like to find out more information, please contact Jane Harding, International Alumni Officer: or on 01392 722016