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Exeter China Alumni Association (ECAA)

The Exeter China Alumni Association (ECAA) is committing to build up an alumni network, create sense of belonging for Chinses alumni, and strengthen life-long relationship between Chinese alumni and the University of Exeter. All events based in mainland China should be organised and leading by ECAA, which is the ONLY official alumni organisation of the University of Exeter. We are also carrying the mission to offer post-graduation service, including providing information exchanging platform, networking, and career development support. Read more about us via the welcome message and a letter from President of the ECAA.

The ECAA is composed of the president, committee, senior alumni advisory team, volunteers, and members. There are six departments under parallel management across the country, including secretary department, activity department, overseas contact, asset management department, media department and membership department. The committees update every year. Please click here to view the latest list of the current ECAA committees and volunteers.

ECAA's goals are to:

  • encourage a lifelong relationship between alumni and the University of Exeter
  • engage alumni’s involvement with the university both online and offline (through social activities, events, volunteering, and interacting on social media)
  • support alumni in professional development regarding to employability
  • develop and promote the University of Exeter 'brand' in China
  • provide advice, support, and guidance to current and prospective students

Over the past ten years, the ECAA organised over 200 events to answer freshers’ questions about studying abroad, help graduates with job hunting. We invite senior alumni to share their experience and advice about how to settle down as an oversea student and their career development. We also share recruitment information and job fairs on our official accounts to help alumni in their job searching and career development.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, the ECAA always served as a bridge connecting with alumni from all over the word. When our motherland needed help, the alumni overseas actively looked for resources and ways to transport materials back to the country as much as possible. In turn, when the Chinese students in the UK were short of epidemic prevention materials, the alumni tried their best to seek and donate the materials. We delivered batches of material to the students and the alumni in the UK through all possible channels. The ECAA has always been concerned about the students and the alumni and strived to help and support them.

How to join

In the premise of abiding by the membership and volunteer regulations, all graduates are the member of the ECAA. All the senior alumni are waiting to welcome and support you after your graduation. In addition to face-to-face offline events, we do work to keep our alumni abreast of news and information of the alumni community on various social media. We are looking forward to forming a strong network that everyone helps and supports each other, just like a family.

It is crucial and appreciated if you can join us to make the University of Exeter and the ECAA to be better.

❶ Register by clicking here or scan QR Code on the right side.

Join us as a volunteer by clicking here! The success of the ECAA is attributed to volunteers. Please get involved as part of the ECAA instead of being an attendee! You can expect to gain different abilities and experience from helping the ECAA to run the events and activities. Your accumulated service time will be counted and awarded. Each volunteer will receive a volunteer certificate and the outstanding volunteers are presented with special gifts to show our appreciation.

All the alumni are welcome to share your professional experience or resource that may benefit other members in the alumni community or the current students. You may either register your interest by clicking here or check out the Career Mentor Scheme and eXepert Scheme. The support of every alumnus is essential for the development of the University of Exeter and the ECAA.

❸ ECAA has launched the Mentor Scheme which aims to increase alumni’s capabilities in communication, organising and cooperation as such through department rotation. Each candidate will normally have a 1-year training and will be allocated into specific department based on their expertise at the end of this programme. As for some outstanding candidates, they might get the chance to gather and lead the new term. Please click here or scan the QR code on the right side to sign up for the Mentor Scheme.

❹ The official account of ECAA can be found on various mainstream social media. Search 埃克塞特大学校友会 on Weibo, Red, Bilibili, Tik Tok, Tencent Video, Twitter and YouTube; search ExeterAlumni on Wechat and Zhihu and follow us for upcoming events and latest information about the alumni community! Click here or scan the QR code on the right side for more details about the official accounts.

Join our Wechat groups to form a strong connection with the alumni worldwide. All the official alumni groups are established and jointly managed by the ECAA committee and the university officials with an attempt to break resource barriers and establish a national professional online communication platform. The purpose is to answer questions, sharing business and resource intervention opportunities, and help all the alumni with different expertise across the country. We provide a reliable and information-protected platform for alumni. Click here or scan the QR code on the right side for more information about the Wechat groups.

Discover and join the ECAA upcoming events by clicking here. If you are interested in cooperating and organising events or have any commercial cooperation with the ECAA, please click here to contact us.

ECAA has established a resource matching platform for the alumni who has a great entrepreneurial project that needs funds, resources, and supports. Please click here or scan the QR code on the right side to register your interests. Senior alumni are welcome to support the projects. View the current programmes by clicking here and contact the ECAA if you are interested in managing the programmes.

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Country Contacts

Country Contact volunteers are available to support and answer questions from alumni, current and prospective students. Feel free to contact the volunteer in your region via WeChat:

 DistrictName Subject/Year WeChat
China Flag

National Contactor

Wenjie Li MSc Accounting and Finance 2012 alanlee13
China Flag

Shanghai Contactor

Yingwei Liu MSc Finance and Investment 2012 18521032018
China Flag

Beijing Contactor

Zhipeng Yan MSc Financial Economics 2018 zhangtingyzp
China Flag

Zhejiang/ Jiangsu Contactor(浙江/江苏)

Zhongren Zhang (Helen) MSc International Management 2017 HJ_Bingo
China Flag

Guangdong Contactor

Junyuan Zhou (Kevin) MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management 2020 kevin8zhou
China Flag

Overseas contactor

Yue Cai (Hanaby) MSc Accounting and Finance 2013 hanabycai
China Flag

Overseas contactor


Yaoqi Jian (Nathan) BSc Business and Management 2021 Nathan-James12138
China Flag

Overseas contactor

Man Leung (Rachel) BSc Psychology 2021 leungmanliangmin


Past and upcoming events

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