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The Green Consultants programme offers employers the opportunity to work with inspired University of Exeter students, keen to start their careers in the environmental and sustainability sector. This industry-recognised, award-winning training programme prepares our students for the workplace through a combination experiential learning alongside knowledge application on real business projects for the University.  

The interactive programme comprises of 3 key elements:

  1. Training: Technical and employability training 
  2. On Campus Business Project: Students lead and deliver on live sustainability or environmental themed business projects at our campuses.
  3. Internship: Working with or within organisations utilising the skills they have developed during the training and their University studies. 

The internship role will ideally take place in the workplace, but with the option for it still to be remote working if this still needs to happen. It will be fully-funded by the University and the student’s wages will be paid through our payroll system, so employed by the University and officially seconded to your organisation. The internships will be for 1 or 3 weeks in length, from the end of March- June. The students are available for full-time work between during their Easter vacation- 04/04/2022-29/04/2022 or when students have completed their exams which is usually 11/6/2022; or 6-15hrs a week during the summer term 02/05/2022-11/6/2022, with some flexibility to be allowed for exams.

To read the impact a Green Consultant could make to your business, please see the case studies below. 

If you are a student , please see our student facing Green Consultants' facing webpage.

Our students are keen to offer a junior sustainablity service to any UK-based SME organisations (including charities and Not For Profits), in any sector. Interns will undertake an initial assessment of the sustainability of your organisation, and then with you to decide one of the following areas to work on:

  • Energy and Carbon Management
  • Waste and Resource Management
  • Procurement
  • Travel 
  • Business, Culture and Communication

Programme Timeline:

26/10/2020-11/12/2020- Students undertake Green Consultancy training

18/01/2021-26/03/2021- Students undertake Green Consultancy Group Projects for the university

29/03/2021- 25/06/2021- Students undertake Green Consultancy Internship for external organisations


Employer Timeline:

14/12/2020- Applications open for employers to apply for a free Green Consultant Intern

12/02/2021- Applications close for employers to apply for a free Green Consultant Intern

19/02/2021- Employers will be informed if your application has been successful

12/03/2021- Employers will be introduced to your Green Consultant Intern

29/03/2021- Green Consultant Intern can start work

25/06/2021- Green Consultant Intern must have completed their internship by this date

We work with many types of organisations to host our Interns, who can meet the following criteria:

  • UK SMEs, NFP or charitable organisation
  • An organisation of good reputation
  • A supportive employer
  • Have suitable liability insurance
  • Will conduct a Risk Assessment with the Intern, to include home working and/or COVID-19 factors (HSE guidance will be provided)
  • Permit us to share details of your company, your selected Intern and the internship with our funders.

Applications for a free Green Consultant Intern to work in your organisation in 2021, are now closed. If you are interested in hosting a Green Consultant intern in the future please email to register your interest. 

Applications are reviewed by a panel and selected based on employer reputation; industries that match to our students' interests and answers to the following questions, asked in the application form:

  1. Please indicate what your company has done so far to be more sustainable? There is no requirement to have already taken steps towards sustainability, just a demonstrable commitment to change.
  2. Why do you want a University of Exeter Intern to work on your company’s sustainability?
  3. What support would you provide for your Intern? This can include meetings with line manager; access to team; access to company data; workspace and equipment etc

The students that have been selected to get onto the Green Consultants programme have aleady been through an extremely thorough recruitment process, competing against over 130 appplicants, so we know any student we allocate will provide a quality service.

We will promote all the selected vacancies to our students, so they can express an interest in the organisations that best suit their career aspirations. We will then make the final match, allocating a student to each Green Consultancy vacancy.

Most students on the Green Consultancy programme will undertake a 1 week internship, for which all 3 parties will need to sign an Student Secondment Agreement. For the small number of organisations hosting postgraduates on their 3-week placement, you will need to sign a Placement Agreement.

Your Green Consultant Intern will have completed a 3-day introduction to sustainability consultancy training programme before coming to you. 

We ask that you as an employer prepare for your intern by putting together a support package:

  1. Conduct a risk assessment. As this is a short internship, this can be light touch and be as simple as a conversation confirmed in writing or you can use the risk assessment forms we wil provide you.
  2. Undertake an induction to your workplace. Again this can be light touch or you can use some or all of our Internship Induction Checklist.
  3. Prepare a workspace for your intern and a computer. If this is a problem please let us know.
  4. Provide access to relevant company data.
  5. Introduce the Intern to the team and identify who they can go to for information and support, in the Line Manager's absence.
  6. Set up regular catch up meetings with the Intern's Line Manager.
  7. You may also wish to read our guide on Making the Most of Your Intern.

All students are required to submit a reflective report on their period of work experience. For students using the internship to fulfil academic requirements, this will be used as an assessed piece of work. If the work the student will be undertaking is sensitive please let us know so this can be managed for reflective report.

The Green Consultants team will be available the whole internship to support you and your intern should this be required. 

Your Green Consultant Intern will be fully-funded by the University of Exeter and paid through our eClaims payment system. the Intern will be seconded to your organisation.

If you wish to extend the internship, you will need to fund the internship and pay the student through your payroll system.

At the end of the internship week we ask that you please complete an Internship Feedback Form - Employer Submission and encourage your intern to complete their Internship Feedback Form - Intern Submission too. These will be emailed to you towards the end of the internship, your comments will be taken into account during our evaluation exercise.

To read how Green Consultants have helped local emplioyers with sustainability projects please see the Green Consultants case studies.  




The development of the Green Consultants programme is supported by the Industry Advisory Group. Find out more about the group and its work in the Green Consultant Industry Group webpage.  

If you would like to ask any questions please contact the Green Consultant team by emailing