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Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions. 

Signposting is currently verbally via the duty chef or supervisor attached to the outlet. They will be happy to advise. 

This best practice process is in place to meet the Food Information Regulations (FIR) for open food dishes. This information is available on request and our teams are trained to advise on an alternative dish should the recipe card not meet your dietary needs. We are unable to offer halal ingredients across all of our product portfolios due to supply chain limitations and items that are bought in ready prepared. Where possible we aim to have enough of a breadth of range, choice and consumer personalisation across the outlets that meets our community's needs.  

Suppliers and product traceability can change daily due to the complexity of commodity switching and how manufacturers and producers' source on the open market. Due to the uncertainty out of our control we are unable to advertise and signpost these areas on the digital and printed point of sale as this marketing material is designed and displayed in advance and is not on a live system. Any advertising and marketing material must adhere to trading standards regulations and should not mislead in anyway.  

The most informed and accurate source of information regarding ingredients on the grounds of religion and/or allergens is advised by the skilled operators within the outlets at the time of purchase as these colleagues have access to the most up to date information on that day. Unfortunately, other ways could increase the risk of misinformation that is above a level of acceptable risk that can be mitigated. 

We have a diverse multicultural community who have differing beliefs and ethics. Unfortunately we are not able to promote Halal options exclusively as we do not have seperate kitchen spaces, but we do often source 'Halal-sourced' meat for specific menu items. Please see our policy here. 

Most of our hot food outlets have 'cook to order' menus which ensure that we are not over-producing food items. In our cafes where we have packaged food items we have stock control processes in place that ensure we in control of our ordering and production. On days where a pre-packaged item will go out of date, we will often offer a discounted price.

In the Market Place Forum we have signed up to 'Too Good To Go' where you are able to order a magic bag of items that are at their best before date. 

Generally, our food waste is managed well and we do not have too much excess.