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Barisca Coffee Co.

We have developed our own Fairtrade hot drinks brand, Barisca Coffee Co





What We Do

Your University Catering & Retail Team

Supporting the University’s ambitions to raise the level of the campus experience, we constantly strive to improve and develop our menu concepts, dining spaces, shops and hospitality services. We invest in creative, innovative spaces which go beyond existing as places just to eat and drink. We want you to socialise, enjoy and return time and time again.

Focusing on the needs and desires of our broad customer base, our exciting concepts offer convenience and value, balanced with healthy, experiential and trend food ranges, providing choice and inclusivity for all.

Sustainability and climate change are exceptionally important to us and we are committed to reducing the impact that we have through our outlets and services. Our ambition to be both innovative and effective is reinforced through our affiliations with organisations including the Fairtrade Foundation and our accreditations. Responsible and local sourcing is important to us, and by building relationships with our network of wonderful suppliers, we are able to work with the highest quality ingredients from producers who share our passion for the environment.

Our Services

Eat and Drink

We operate 12 food service outlets and 5 retail convenience shops across the Streatham and St Luke's campuses, plus a regular Market.

Barisca at Reed Hall La Touche Market Place Forum
Open Air Kiosk (OAK) The Ram Bar Market Place DH1
Cross Keys Barisca at the Peter Chalk Centre Market Place Birks Grange
Barisca at the Engine Room Barisca at the Innovation Centre Market Place Cornwall House
Forum Kitchen Comida St David's Shop
Super Savour Kitchen Comida Express   

Our Market Place shops are located on the Streatham campus in the Forum and at Birks Grange and Cornwall House, plus The Shop at St David’s train station. They each offer a range of products and facilities which serve their local communities.

Catered Halls

We serve the same great quality food in our catered halls that you will find in our restaurants, providing breakfast, dinner and weekend brunch to students on the Streatham campus at Holland Hall, Birks Grange and Lopes Hall. Our nutritious and varied menus change frequently, ensuring continuous choice. Special diets, plant-based and meat-free options are second nature to our Chefs when designing our menus to ensure there are delicious choices open to everyone.

Delivered Hospitality and Events

Fresh Ideas is our internal delivered food and hospitality service at the University, catering for everything from small meetings, to VIP dinners and celebratory events, such as balls and parties. Our team also accommodate external events, working with the Event Exeter team to deliver quality event catering to a range of businesses and organisations.