Undergraduate travel insurance

There are thousands of travel insurance policies out there, so how do you choose? Some people pick the cheapest one, others stick to an insurance company they know well, and some just ask their family. Whichever method you use, what  matters is that you are confident your insurer will be there to help you if things go wrong while you are overseas.

We are sure you will find our travel insurance policy is one of the best. The policy provides comprehensive cover at an affordable price and it is hassle free to get covered.

Why choose our policy?

  • Important notice - While Covid-19 continues to be an issue, there is no cover for financial losses due to the pandemic. Cancellable, refundable or transferable ticket options should be purchased to protect yourself from such losses.
  • No health check, no medical questionnaire.
  • Unlimited medical emergency cover. Note - this covers emergency inpatient and outpatient treatment as a result of illness or accident. It does not cover routine medical practitioner's visits, medicines, routine vaccinations and tests. We strongly recommend that you take out a personal health insurance policy, particularly for longer trips, or if you have an underlying health condition.
  • Baggage cover, including laptops.
  • 24 hour advice helpline.
  • Cover if you are forced to cancel your trip or return home early.
  • Personal liability cover if you are sued.

Plus: As we have arranged your travel insurance we are here to give you help and advice if you need to make a claim. No insurance jargon, no hassle.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on where you are going and for how long. Use our online calculator to find out how much it will cost to cover your trip. 

How to apply for travel insurance

Please use our online travel insurance calculator. Once you have obtained the cost of cover please visit our online store, where you can complete all yout travel details and pay. You will received confirmation of cover and receipt of paymnet by email. Plesae note that we are unable to arrange travel insurance for you if you have graduated or are completing your studies this summer. 


Important - current restrictions apply

It's important to understand that although the FCDO guidance has changed for many countries, it remains that insurance cover cannot be obtained for financial losses or additional costs arising from cancellations or travel restrictions imposed specifically due to Covid-19. Flexible or cancellable/refundable options should be purchased to provide financial protection for you should this occur. Worryingly, some (non-University of Exeter) policies also exclude cover for medical costs due to COVID-19. Please check the wording of any personal travel insurance cover carefully. There is a risk of incurring significant financial costs, or becoming stuck in location without appropriate insurance. This means that any additional costs or losses would fall directly to you as the traveller.

It is essential that you do not book any travel or accommodation or make any financial commitment prior to confirmation that insurance is available. If you are unsure of your Study Abroad or Work Abroad placement and you would like to discuss your situation with a member of University staff, please first contact a member of the Outbound Team.

How to make a claim

In an emergency (illness, lost travel documents, political unrest) contact the insurers direct:  +44 (0)1273 552922 and quote policy number 0010628173 University of Exeter. The insurer is AIG.

For non-emergencies, please contact the University Insurance team on +44 (0) 1392 723087. 

We will send you a claim form which you need to complete and return to us with documents supporting your claim. We will help you through the process and liaise with the travel insurer.

In the event of delay, cancellation, curtailment, etc a statement giving the reason for the delay/cancellation from the airport authority, airline or other carrier will be required to support your claim.

In the event of theft or loss please obtain a crime number from the local police force or, if the loss/damage occurred in flight, contact the airport/airline as appropriate and obtain written confirmation of the incident.
Excess: Personal Belonging, Business Equipment and Money sections where the value of a single item exceeds £2,500 the policyholder is liable for 75% of any amount in excess of £2,500. There are no other excesses applicable.

The full policy wording is available on request, please contact Insurance, Audit & Risk

Frequently asked questions:

When should I take out travel insurance?

You should take out your cover as soon as you have booked your flights, accommodation etc. If you are then forced to cancel before you travel (for example due to illness), your insurance policy should cover any non-refundable costs.

How long will it take to receive my travel insurance documents?

We will send you the travel insurance documents as soon as we have received confirmation that you would like to go ahead with the travel insurance.

Are my activities restricted whilst travelling on a policy issued by the University?

There are very few restrictions on the policy. However, the policy does contain the following restrictions:-

  • If you are diving, you must be accompanied by a qualified diver.
  • The policy excludes piloting an aeroplane.
  • The cover period cannot be extended once the insurance has started.
  • The insurance has been designed to provide cover for travel abroad in connection with your degree programme. You are also covered for travel and activities undertaken in your leisure time – this is called incidental travel. The number of days undertaking incidental travel must not exceed the number of days you are abroad in connection with your degree programme. For example: You will be abroad for 190 days including 20 days incidental travel. This is acceptable. You will be abroad for 260 days. You wish to spend 125 days on your degree programme and 135 days travelling. This is not acceptable.

For further details please contact us.

I have a medical condition, can I still get cover?

Unlike many insurance policies, we do not ask any questions about your health and you are covered for emergency treatment received for pre-existing medical conditions. 

We cannot cover you if you are travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner or travelling specifically to receive medical treatment abroad.