The University's property insurance covers buildings, contents and computer equipment.


The University’s buildings, contents and computer equipment is insured on an all risks of physical loss or damage basis. This includes University property, or property in our custody or control whilst on University premises and items on loan to the University.

The standard policy excess is £1,000. This increases to £5,000 for fire, lightning, explosion and subsidence damage.

There is some cover for property that is temporarily removed from the University and this will typically extend to equipment to be taken on field trips whilst in the custody of a member of the University. Please contact Insurance, Audit & risk as soon as possible if any of the following are relevant for items being taken away from campus:

  • The replacement value of any piece of equipment exceeds £25,000.
  • The total replacement value of all equipment being sent to a single location exceeds £250,000.
  • The value of equipment being sent by courier (eg, DHL, Fedex) exceeds the amount of the insurance cover offered by the service provider. In this situation upon application to Insurance and Business Continuity Services it may be possible to arrange cover under the University’s goods in transit policy.

The University is obliged, under the terms of the property insurance, to take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss. For example losses from unattended vehicles will not usually be covered. Colleges and Services are advised to ensure robust risk management procedures are in place. 

How to make to property claim

Please contact the Insurance team as soon as the incident has occurred and it is likely a claim will arise.

Complete the  and return it to the Insurance team with the supporting documents requested on the insurance guide within 30 days.

Once we have received the completed claims guide and supporting documents, we will send them to our Insurance Brokers for them to liaise with Insurers.

Provided the policy and claim conditions have been met, Insurers will appoint Loss Adjusters and/or settle the claim.

If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone (01392 723087).