Student travel insurance calculator

If you are studying abroad as part of your undergraduate degree programme we can offer you comprehensive travel insurance. Here's what to do:

  1. Complete the Contribution Calculator below with the required information to obtain the amount payable.
  2. Visit the online store and  enter this total in the Amount () box.
  3. Press Add to Basket and proceed through the payment pages.

You will receive a receipt by email for the payment. 

The small print

  • If you select the Europe rate you will not be covered if you visit a country outside of Europe
  • If you select the USA/Canada rate you will only be covered for these two countries.
  • There are no restrictions on sports activities but please note:
    • There is no cover for damage to sport equipment whilst in use.
    • There is no cover if you are piloting an aeroplane.
  • Cover can only be offered for a maximum 12 months.
  • Cover cannot be amended once the insurance has started.
  • You must not be travelling against medical advice.

The insurance has been designed to provide cover for travel abroad in connection with your degree programme. You are also covered for travel and activities undertaken in your leisure time – this is called ‘incidental travel’. The number of days undertaking incidental travel must not exceed the number of days you are abroad in connection with your degree programme.

For example:

  • You will be abroad for 190 days including 20 days incidental travel. This is acceptable.
  • You will be abroad for 260 days. You wish to spend 125 days on your degree programme and 135 days travelling. This is not acceptable.
  • The incidental travel can only be to neighbouring countries to the country in which you are staying.

Please note: We are unable to arrange travel insurance for you if you have graduated or are completing your studies this summer.

If you are happy with the above quote and insurance details please proceed to payment