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Risk Owner and Risk Facilitator resources

This page has been created to provide tools and resources for those responsible for managing risk or collating information for the University Risk Registers. As such, some of the content of this page is for internal use only, for training and awareness purposes. Some documents within this page are only accessible to staff, requiring sign in.

The University Risk Management Policy sets out our approach to risk management. If you have any questions on the content of this page or if additional guidance is required, please contact the University Senior Risk and Compliance Advisor Tracey Allen:

Staff Guidance

The following guidance on risk management, aligned to the University policy, have been developed to support the understanding of staff at all levels:

Guidance document Session overview
Risk Management - All Staff An overview for all staff of risk management processes, including what to do if you identify a risk
Risk Management - RM Responsible Guidance for risk owners and risk register owners. Also note - you can book this session with a member of the risk team
Risk Management - Committees Guidance on risk consideration for Committee Members. Also note - you can book this session with a member of the risk team



Note that all of these tools are information for staff only, and require single sign on access.

Document Type Document Description

Risk Management - Full Guide Full summary guide to identifying, assessing, scoring risks, applying controls, monitoring risks and controls, and seeking assurance on effectiveness
Risk Management Policy Sets out the University approach to risk management, and roles and responsibilities
Risk Management Cycle 2024_25 Reporting submission dates for the current year, and the audiences they are shared with
Decluttering your risk register Guide to reviewing your register to streamline, remove duplication, and consider risks that are no longer relevant

Scoring Matrix

Initial and Current Scores Explained

Guide to scoring risks, and the difference between gross and net scores
Risk Articulation Guidance Guide to articulating risk, including the cause, effect and impact
Risks Versus Issues The difference between a risk and an issue
Risk Register Template A risk register template in the University risk reporting standard format
Risk Categories Sets out the primary and secondary risk categories to be used when registering a risk. This allows thematic reporting and visibility of linked risks to relevant risk owners.
Risk Identification and Analysis

Risk Blank Paper Session Guide Guide to a session to step away from the risk register and consider risks to strategy / operations
SWOT risk identification guide Guide to conducting a Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities analysis session
PESTLE risk identification Guide to identifying Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental risks
Bow Tie Risk Analysis Guide Guide to analysing the cause and consequence or identified risks, and where preventative controls or mitigating actions can be placed. The Bow Tie Blank Copy is a version that can be completed, and includes guidance on controls and their effectiveness.

Risk Control


Risk Action Guidance

Risk and Control Types Guide to the different types of controls that can be applied to risks, including where one control type may also require follow up controls.
Risk Action Plans  Sets out how risk actions differ from risk controls, when they would be required, and roles and responsibilities.

 Meetings and Workshops - please note that all of the below are for internal use only