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Campaigns Team

Campaigns Team

Campaigns Team

Campaigns Team

Campaigns Team

Campaigns Team

Campaigns Team

Campaigns Team

Campaigns Team

Campaigns Team

The Campaigns Team works in partnership with colleagues across the institution to create a marketing plan driven by the University's strategic objectives, and we work alongside External Engagement & Global Partners to deliver marketing activities based on Faculty priorities.

To deliver integrated and targeted campaigns, we collaborate with departments in and outside of EEG including: the Design Studio, the Digital Team, Student Access, Recruitment and Admissions, Communications, CRM, the Strategic Delivery Unit, and Research and IIB.

We also work closely with the Cornwall Communications and Marketing Team who are responsible for communications and marketing activity covering our Cornwall campuses.

As well as delivering organic activity in-house, we work with digital advertising agencies to deliver our paid marketing activity.

We also manage the University's style guide and YouTube channel. For questions about YouTube, including requests to upload content, please email

The channels we cover are:

  • Digital campaigns (PPC, paid social, YouTube pre-roll, display, advertorial)
  • Marketing collateral and website
  • CRM and direct marketing communications (prospective students through to enrolment)
  • Partnerships and affiliate sites
  • Social media

We also look after content production for campaigns, such as:

  • Video production and photo shoots
  • Student-led content
  • Messaging and copywriting
  • Website content and campaign landing pages

We use these channels and content to support student recruitment and build the University's reputation through:

  • Acquisition marketing – brand, all faculties and all study levels
  • Conversion and retention marketing – brand, all faculties and study levels
  • Event marketing, including Open Days and corporate events
  • Corporate and brand reputation campaigns
  • B2B lead generation

Who we are

The team is made up of highly experienced professionals who specialise in digital marketing, social media, communications, asset design, and content production.

Head of Campaigns


Jenna Richards (on maternity leave until May 2024)
Leads on Google Analytics, UTM tracking and reporting.
Jenna normally works Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, but is currently on maternity leave until May 2024. During her absence, Becky Edmunds (Business School Brand) is providing support for the leadership of the Analytics projects.

Emily Hawkes
Support and development of Google Analytics, UTM tracking and reporting.

Business School Brand

Becky Edmunds
Leads on Business School reputation, branding, collateral, digital campaigns and social media. Also supporting leading Analytics whilst Jenna Richards is on maternity leave.


Nick Southall
Leads on video and photography, publications, and collateral.

Shiona Biggin
Leads on Key Selling Points (KSPs) and corporate collateral (including affiliate profiles).
Shiona works mornings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Tiffany Delgado-Feist
Tiff works on Thursdays and Fridays

Michelle Langridge
Michelle works Monday-Thursday

Sophie Welsh

CRM and Communications

Frank Zirger (Secondment)
Leads on communications from pre-application leads to enrolment.

Paid Digital Campaigns

Chantelle Cheriton-Bibby
Leads on B2B, Reputation and Undergraduate and Postgraduate Brand paid digital campaigns.

Sophie Thompson
Leads on Undergraduate and Postgraduate Faculty paid digital campaigns, Degree Apprenticeships, Online Programmes and paid affiliates.

Jane Atkinson

Lee Burford
Lee works on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Chloe Glencross

Faye Hunkin (on maternity leave until Aug 2024)

Sarah Lucas

Social Media and Student Generated Content

We work across the institution to deliver up-to-date information, deliver marketing for recruitment and give an insight into the life of the University. Our channels of communication include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, You Tube and LinkedIn.

We provide guidance regarding setting up social media channels to reach your specific audiences, as well as working with University colleagues and students to generate appropriate content to promote via our main channels.

Charley Sweet
Leads on corporate social media, organic campaigns, content creation, social media training and analytics. You can find details of our accounts, plus our House Rules and guidance on using social media at

Communications and Marketing Assistants