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Market Research and Insight

Market Research and Insight

Market Research and Insight

The Market Insight team helps Exeter to make informed decisions by understanding the wants and needs of our key audiences, stakeholders, customers, and markets.

The team utilises a range of data resources as well as qualitative and quantitative research methods to reflect audience preferences, behaviour and competitor positioning.

Our outputs form a strong foundation for informed decision-making, ensuring that Exeter’s strategies, plans and decisions are based on the evolving feedback of our audiences and reflects market adjustments over time.

How we work

We have expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods. We typically use quantitative methodologies, like surveys, to generate reliable data sets where we need robust numbers to be confident in our findings. We use qualitative approaches such as focus groups to answer more complex research questions and gain in-depth understanding of issues. We also make use of extensive secondary data sources, such as UCAS and HESA to conduct desk research, helping the University to understand the make-up of it’s audiences and the market.

Some of the work we are involved in:

  • New programme development & portfolio reviews
  • Brand and reputation monitoring
  • Student recruitment and marketing feedback and analysis
  • Forecasting of demand and student numbers
  • Labour market and skills analysis
  • Market data analysis & visualisation

Who we are

Market Research Manager (ESE)

Phone: 01392 72 3769

Market Research Officer

Phone: 01392 725692

Data Analyst

My primary focus is to provide secondary data and intelligence to inform business thinking. I have extensive knowledge in the application of Excel workbooks and in the construction of and maintenance of the business intelligence tool QlikView, giving users the unique ability to interrogate data including HESA and Competitor Analysis.

I joined the University in 2011, having previously worked as a Data Analyst at the Devon and Cornwall Police.

Phone: 01392 72 2686