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Our Culture Conversation FAQs

Our Culture Conversation FAQs

Our Culture Conversation FAQs

On this page you will find information for colleagues and managers. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us at

General information

Yes. The responses you give to Peakon’s questions are confidential. We believe confidentiality is essential for everyone to be heard on an equal footing, and to ensure you never feel uncomfortable raising the issues that you feel strongly about.

Neither your coworkers, manager or anyone else in the organisation can see who has provided any particular answer or feedback. In smaller teams, responses are aggregated so individuals cannot be identified.


You will receive an online survey each term asking you 20 questions, grouped into four areas: engagement, equality, diversity and inclusion, health and wellbeing, and change and transformation. You will also have the opportunity to add your comments at the end of each survey area. These factors will help us to understand how happy and energised we feel at work. 

Peakon will then help the WICC identify the key areas that will help to improve our overall culture and the effectiveness of each team.

Never share your link! Your link is personal to you and should not be shared. Doing so will affect data and the results will be skewed.

If you cannot answer (for example, if you don’t understand a question) please simply skip the question rather than giving an arbitrary score. Random scores can create a false impression of how a whole group of people are feeling – so it’s best to not answer.

If you change your mind, you can also unskip the question either by clicking on 'Cancel skip'. To unskip a previous question, either click Previous question at the top of the survey and then cancel the skip, or use the question bar on the right side to return to the question and then cancel the skip.

The feedback you provide is confidential and no names or individual feedback will be shared.

Results will be instantly visible to senior managers but this data will not go below department or sub-division (team) level to maintain confidentiality.

This instant visibility makes Peakon a great way to give your view on what’s happening right now – whether that’s to praise something or raise an issue you need resolving.

In order to measure, adjust and improve how our organisation works, it’s important to be as scientific as possible. This means, occasionally you’ll receive a question that you’ve been asked in the past. Answering the same question again is the most accurate way for you to show if your experience at work is getting better over time. 

If the survey round has closed, it will not be possible to reset your answers.

Before you have submitted the survey you can simply use the upward arrow key on your keyboard to go back and revise any answer.

If you have submitted the survey, you can reopen it and reset it by:

  • Clicking on the new reset link at the bottom of their survey email or
  • Accessing the survey again (eg – by clicking ‘Go to survey’ button in the email, slack or where they have previously accessed their survey)
  • There you will see a new reset link on the ‘You’ve already answered these questions’ page.

Once you click the reset link, you'll have to confirm that you want to delete your responses in the pop up, then you'll be redirected to the survey start screen. By doing this you will need to answer all the questions again, so this is an option to use only if you feel very strongly that you need to make changes.

If you return to the page in the same browser and on the same device, the answers you’ve given – but not submitted – will be saved for you. If answering through the mobile app, the app will save answers until they’re submitted as long as the survey has not been closed in the app.

You can change the current survey language to the one you prefer, by opening the link and clicking the language dropdown in the top left corner - this will automatically change all questions to the language you want and this will apply also for your future surveys.

Colleagues can reset the survey in two different ways while the survey round is still open:

1. Using the reset option at the bottom of the survey email

You must open the exact email that contained the survey link in order for the survey token to match the survey you completed. If you cannot find the email anymore, ask your administrator to resend it by emailing Scroll down to the bottom of the email and click on the 'clear your responses and take it again here' option to proceed.

2. Accessing the survey link again and using the reset option

You must open the exact link that you used when completing the survey, in order for your survey responses to be linked to the right department or division in the University. The page that opens will state that your survey has been completed. Click the 'delete your existing responses and re-submit the survey' option to proceed.

Please first check your email inbox as well as the spam folder to ensure that the survey has not been redirected to another folder. 

If you are still unable to locate the survey, please email - the team will check to ensure you are on the survey round distribution list and can re-send your survey.

Information for managers

In addition to the information below, we also have these helpful support videos for managers

The below table provides causes and solutions to the most common problems associated with signing in to your Our Culture Conversation account.

If you are unable to resolve your sign in problem, contact your Peakon administrator




I don't remember my password.

If you have forgotten your password, you need to reset it.

Click Forgot password to reset your password.

I entered my email, and now I'm asked to enter my password. I never set up a password.

The University is using Single Sign on to offer access to the platform

Enter your university email and password to proceed

I entered my email, but it says the email address doesn't exist.

When you enter your email address, Peakon checks whether any existing employee records match the provided information. If no match is found, you can't proceed.

  • Check for typos.
  • Ensure that you are using your full email address
  • If you’re still facing issues, please verify with your administrator that you have an employee record on the system.

I entered my email address, but the system informed me I no longer work there.

If your employee record contains a separation date that is in the past, you're considered as having left the company and can't access your account.

If this information is not correct, contact your administrator to rectify the issue.

I entered my email, then was redirected to the University's single sign on. After completing my single sign-on details, I'm redirected back to Peakon login page and have to enter my email address.

This typically happens if you're already signed into your identity provider (Microsoft, Okta, GSuite etc) with an email address that isn't on your Peakon employee record. After going through that flow, the system tries to return to Peakon, but since the email you're signed into internally doesn't match your employee record, you can't proceed.

Sign out of your identity provider. Go to the Peakon login page, enter your email address and sign in to your identity provider using the Peakon email address. If you can't proceed, it likely means that the email address that has the Peakon app enabled in your identity provider isn't the same as the one on your Peakon employee record.

Once Our Culture Conversation is live, you should receive an email with a time-sensitive invitation link to your dashboard. If you have not received the email or the link has expired, you can login yourself by following the below instructions:

Head to

It is a good idea to bookmark this page for easy access in the future.

The link to access your personal and team dashboards will be included in the survey digest that you receive from Peakon during and at the end of the survey round.

You will receive an email from the Wellbeing, Inclusion and Culture Committee, with a survey link from an external company, Peakon, who will be running the survey on our behalf, to ensure complete confidentiality. 

Peakon will also send several email updates and reminders. You can unsubscribe from them at anytime by going to the 'email notifications' tab in your dashboard profile. It's not possible to manage user subscriptions centrally.

If you manage a team, you will also receive various types of emails as outlined below: 



You’ve been invited to Peakon as an admin

An email invitation to access your Peakon account as administrator.

You’ve been removed from Peakon as an admin

A notification to inform you your access has been demoted.

A new survey is available to take

A personal email is sent with the survey link as soon as the round starts.

A new survey round is about to start

A reminder that a survey round is about to start.

A survey round is ending soon

A reminder that a survey round is about to end and that your dashboard will be updated.

Someone acknowledges your comment

A personal email update whenever someone acknowledges your comment.

Someone comments or replies to a comment

A personal email update whenever someone replies to a comment in Peakon. 

You haven’t answered any surveys in a while

A personal email to remind you of the Peakon surveys.

A sensitive comment is detected

An email update whenever a sensitive comment is detected by the system within the data you have access to.

Someone adds a note in a conversation

An email update whenever someone updates a comment with an internal note.

You have actions with upcoming or missed deadlines

A personal reminder regarding actions that have an upcoming or past deadline.

A digest of your latest updates is ready, including scores, priorities and comments

A personal digest of your dashboard updates via email.

The survey participation rate is low

A personal notification to inform you of the low participation rate in your team.

Your team will recive the same survey invites as you with automated reminders if they have not completed the survey. Once the round closes, they will receive a summary of their feedback.

No, the feedback submitted by individuals in your team is confidential.

Our Culture Conversation is aimed at bringing about change and acting on colleague feedback. We would encourage managers and leaders to review their team/department’s feedback and create a short action plan. Creating an action plan can help you act on your feedback and address common themes.

You can create an action that links to a specific driver, or a standalone, more general action. You can add existing suggested actions, or create your own custom actions. We recommend not creating more than five actions in any one feedback round.

You can create actions within the Peakon website:

  • Go to the Action Plan page, and click Add Action if choosing from the suggested list of impact-tested actions ( we recommend doing this)
  • Alternatively, you can also create a custom action.
  • Name your action.
  • (Optional) Add a description.
  • (Optional) Add a deadline. When setting a deadline, you’ll receive an actions reminder on the Monday of the week that the deadline is due.
  • (Optional) Select question set to associate the action to. This step is already complete if you created the action from the suggested list.

You can share your action settings with your teams and should consider:

  • Sharing the action descriptions so that your teams understand the recommended actions
  • Sharing with the whole team

After creating an action, you can:

  • Mark it as complete
  • Edit, delete, or archive it

If you haven't received enough comments to drill down into issues with your team, we would recommend viewing the following:

  • Look at the areas of focus that have scored below the benchmark and assess the associated recommended actions
  • Highlight these recommended actions in a team meeting and allow your team to express whether you're on the right path, or have a discussion to see what would be the ideal actions to take in their point of view.

Change your action filter to Completed, where you will be able to view your completed action and reopen it.

It can happen that the system picks a priority driver, but, perhaps, you may not have enough authority over it to act on it. In fact, through emotional and social intel, you may want to improve an entirely different driver, which has not been set as a priority. For this reason, we recommend administrators to enable the 'Access to manage priorities' permission for manager access groups.

If this is enabled, the manager can reject the priority, and set the other driver as a priority by going into the driver's page and clicking on Set as priority. You can read more about this in Strengths and priorities and how they work.

The easiest way to share the actions you’re taking to improve engagement with your team is by using the shareable dashboard feature. The actions you’ve created can be included in the shareable dashboard so you can quickly and easily communicate with your team.