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Wellbeing, Inclusion and Culture Committee members


Wellbeing, inclusion and culture membership includes representatives from each of the expert committees shown above to ensure that there is collaboration across the themes as well as a key connection between the layers of governance.

Wellbeing, Inclusion and Culture Committee members

  • Provost (co-chair) - Professor Dan Charman 
  • Vice-President & Deputy Vice Chancellor (People & Culture) - Rajani Naidoo 
  • Executive Divisional Director of HR (co-chair) (Interim Chair of Gender Equality Group) - Imelda Rogers
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Student Experience) (Chair of Faith and World view Equality Group) - Professor Tim Quine
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Impact) - Professor Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova
  • Director of Education and Student Support - James Hutchinson
  • Head of Organisational Development - Christian Carter
  • Assistant Director, Culture and Inclusion - Shraddha Chaudhary
  • Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) - Professor Helen Berry / Professor Adam Watt
  • Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor Faculty Environment, Science and Economy (ESE)  - Professor Dave Hosken
  • Deputy Pro-Chancellor Faculty Health and Life Sciences (HLS) - Professor Jo Bowtell
  • Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of the UoE Medical School -Professor Richard Holland
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Cornwall, & Sexual Orientation Equality Group Chair, Professor Martin Siegert
  • Director of Faculty Operations, Health & Life Sciences (HLS), Tom Begbie
  • Director of Policy Planning, Business Intelligence (PPBI) (Chair of Sexual Orientation Equality Group Chair) - Dr Michael Wykes
  • Deputy Director of Faculty Operations, HASS & University Armed Forces Covenant Lead - Roo Haywood-Smith

  • Deputy Director of Faculty Operations, HLS & University Armed Forces Covenant Lead - Jo Shuttleworth
  • Head of Finance for Professional Services, Sally Turner 
  • Executive Divisional Director of External Engagement & Global, & Gender Equality Group Chair, Alicia O’Grady
  • Professor of Clinical and Social Epidemiology, Professor G J Melendez-Torres
  • Students' Guild, Communities and Equality Officer - Mia Robillard
  • Students' Union President – Connie Chilcott
  • Deputy Director HR - Andrew Ktoris
  • WICC Project Manager - Charlotte Juggins
  • WICC Business Manager - Leanne Heath


The Wellbeing, Inclusion and Culture Committee meets every other month.

For information on your Faculty WICC, please email, the Faculty WICC leads below:

For information on your PS WICC, please email, the PS WICC leads below:

  • Deputy Registrar and Executive Divisional Director of Education and Academic Services, Linda Peka
  • Executive Director, External Engagement and Global Division, Alicia O'Grady
  • Chief Financial Officer and Executive Divisional Director of Finance, Infrastructure and Commercial Services, Dave Stacey
  • Executive Divisional Director of Human Resources, Imelda Rogers
  • Interim Divisional Director of Innovation, Impact and Business, Chris Evans
  • Divisional Director of Information Technology, Nathan Burden
  • Divisional Director of Research Services, Drs. Astrid Wissenburg
  • Divisional Director of University Corporate Services, Dr Michael Wykes