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Job Roles and Workload

Job Roles and Workload

The current priorities for 2023/24 are:

Update: Implementation of Academic Workload Allocation Models (WAMs)

A key priority for this theme is to produce a series of academic workload principles with examples of what different workloads may look like, and a recommended process for agreeing workloads with academic colleagues to ensure a fair and transparent process. Following progress made by The Workload Allocation and Equity Group in 22/23, a new policy of University Academic Workload Principles and Processes has been developed, approved by UEB and rolled out across all faculties for this academic year. Faculties are now in the process of completing their new Workload Allocation Models (WAMs) based on the new principles and processes, ready for their launch and full implementation in January 2024 to support workload allocation for the 24/25 academic year.

Work is continuing on workload allocation and equity across our professional services divisions. Initial work has taken place to identity key challenges and solutions, with an update planned for early 2024.