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Declaring a Disability

The University of Exeter aims to create an inclusive and supportive environment where staff and students feel comfortable disclosing a disability or condition without worrying about stigma or discrimination.

For staff there are two considerations when disclosing a disability.

1. Disclosing a disability to access support and reasonable adjustments.

2. Disclosing a disability for equality monitoring and policy development.

These two elements are completely separate. Information is held separately and managed differently. We would strongly encourage you to consider doing both in order to access appropriate support and to provide information used for strategic planning to support all disabled staff.

Declaring a disability to access support

If you wish to disclose your disability to obtain support this can be done in a confidential conversation with your line manager. They are responsible for providing support and implementing reasonable adjustments as needed. They may make a referral to Occupational Health.

For further information and support talk to your Line Manager or the Occupational Health Team.

The Working with Disability webpages has useful information.

Declaring a disability for equality monitoring

To provide important information to help shape policy and practice and for equality monitoring please use iTRENT to record a disability or condition. This information will not be shared with your Line Manager and is confidentail. 

You can declare a disability confidentially on your iTRENT profile. Here is how. 

  • Log into Trent Self Service
  • Click on 'Personal Details' and then click on 'Sensitive Information'
  • Here you can provide more information about your disability

Click on the below link to be taken to pages for declaring a disability