Juliet Osborne: Insects and the environment
Bee researchers working with multiple stakeholders

Director of the ESI, Professor Juliet Osborne

“I was delighted to be appointed as the second Director of the ESI in May 2017, and have watched ESI strengthen and grow since it opened five years ago. Although we are still a relatively new institute, the ESI is thriving as a hub of environmental innovation and activity, with world leading academics and researchers focussing on the complex interdisciplinary challenges of protecting and enhancing our environment both nationally and internationally. At the same time we retain our local focus on finding ways to enhance the build the knowledge economy in Cornwall and the South West to the benefit of the environment and local communities”. View my academic profile.

Professor Osborne, Chair of Applied Ecology, joined the University of Exeter in 2012 and carries out research looking at how insects and plants interact within the environment and their role in the provision of ecosystem services. The pollination of crops is vital to agricultural production and fears over the health of bumblebee and honeybee colonies could have serious impact for agro-ecosystems. Professor Osborne’s research group are combining field experiments with computer modelling to predict the success of bumblebee populations, and honeybee colonies. This research provides a powerful tool so that land managers and policy makers can ensure sustainable pollination is able to thrive in tandem with successful arable farming. 

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