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Centre for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Regular centre meeting for staff and students (all welcome)

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Discussion of Paper:

Toward an Interdisciplinary Framework for Educational Inclusivity

Christopher DeLuca, Queen’s University, Canada

This purpose of this paper is to provide a theoretical foundation for inclusion in
Canadian schools for this Special Issue on Inclusive Education. In response to the
need for an interdisciplinary framework, this paper uses an interpretive literature
review methodology to construct a framework for educational inclusivity based
on four disciplinary perspectives: (a) special education and disability studies, (b)
multiculturalism and anti-racist education, (c) gender and women’s education, and
(d) queer studies. The constructed framework elucidates four conceptions of
inclusivity––normative, integrative, dialogical, and transgressive––positioned on
a continuum with each conception representing a different approach to inclusion.
Unlike previous models, this framework is not anchored to any one marginalized
group; rather, it is intended to represent multiple forms of inclusivity to edify
historical, existing, and idealistic educational practices and structures for all forms
of difference.

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