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Language & Education Network Research Seminar - Anna Pellicer-Sanchez: Vocabulary learning from reading: Insights from eye-tracking studies

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Ana Pellicer-Sanchez (University College London): Vocabulary learning from reading: Insights from eye-tracking studies

Reading is an important source of second language (L2) vocabulary growth. Previous studies have shown that new vocabulary can be learnt incidentally from reading and that different aspects of lexical knowledge can be developed. Vocabulary gains from reading have traditionally been measured by offline tests. However, in the last few years we have witnessed an increase in the number of vocabulary studies using eye-tracking to explore readers’ online processing of new words and their relationship with lexical gains (e.g., Elgort et al., 2018; Godfroid et al., 2013, 2018; Pellicer-Sánchez, 2016, under review). This presentation will first provide an overview of existing eye-tracking research on vocabulary learning from reading. It will then discuss the empirical evidence available exploring the relationship between eye movements and learning gains. This presentation will illustrate how the use of eye-tracking has helped researchers gain a better understanding of the process of vocabulary learning from reading. Directions for further research will also be identified.



A recording of the seminar is now available on the below link:

Access Passcode: R=+F6F@9