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GSE EDI Seminar Series: De/colonising Educational Relationships in Teacher Education

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De/colonising Educational Relationships in Teacher Education

EDI Seminar Series 2020-2021

Led by Fatmakhanu (Fatima) Pirbhai-Illich, University of Regina, and Fran Martin, University of Exeter

The 8th session of this series will feature our research partner, Rob Bowden, Director of Lifeworlds Learning. We are also inviting you to register for seminar 9 at this time. Seminar 9 will be in partnership with Professor Kakali Bhattacharya - Professor of Human Development and Organisational Studies in Education, College of Education, University of Florida (USA). Please note session 9 is extended to 90 minutes

These final sessions focus on the practical application of our imaginary for de/colonizing educational relationships with a focus on pedagogy, curriculum, research, and scholarship. They are interactive in nature and for that reason will not be made available to view online. We therefore encourage you to register if you don't want to miss them!

You are invited to join a meeting: De/Colonising Educational Relationships: Bringing it all Together. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting. 

All staff and doctoral students are invited to take part in the monthly lunchtime seminars during which we will be discussing the de/colonial imaginary we have developed in a Canadian teacher education context (Pirbhai-Illich & Martin, 2020), and exploring how it might be adapted for the UK context.

In thinking about how we might de/colonise our educational relations, this series will focus on multiple forms of relationality including spiritual, environmental, socio-cultural and historical-political.

The aims of the interactive seminars are to develop your:

  • understanding of coloniality;
  • relation to colonising ways of being, doing and knowing and how this influences your teacher educator identities and practices;
  • understanding of how it might be possible to create de/colonial spaces for teaching and learning.


Flyer_for_EDI_seminar_series_final.pdfEDI seminar series flyer 2020-21 (289K)

Photo Credit: Fungus Guy, Gore Street graffiti mural, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario