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Creativity and Emergent Educational-futures Network (CEEN) Research Workshop: Touch and Entanglement in this Time of Coronavirus

Touch and Entanglement in this Time of Coronavirus

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Touch and Entanglement in this Time of Coronavirus

In a time where we cannot touch other humans so easily we can still touch, appreciate and learn with and from the material world: a world in which we are entangled. Puig de la Bella Casa (2017) highlights how touch (the haptic) can encourage a shift away from abstraction and detachment towards engaging ethically with what surrounds us in ways which can transform ‘our thick present and the futures we want to co-create’.  Touch understood in this framing is not ‘more accurately knowing a “real’ world”’. Rather it opens ethical possibilities for ‘more involvement with and commitment to it’ (Ticktin and Wijsman 2017: online). This practical event will be facilitated by Dr. Alison Harper, independent environmental textile artist and researcher and Dr. Sarah Chave, Honorary Researcher, University of Exeter Graduate School of Education. They share a passion for developing deeper and more caring relationships with the material world of which humans are an integral part. It will include Momigami, the placing of found materials and the creation of a shared collage to encourage ‘hands-on entanglements’ and closer relationships with materials as well as opportunities to reflect on the ethical implications of these relationships for the ways we act in the world.



A recording of this workshop is now available on the below link:

Password: Ph3H@m9Q 

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