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Language and Education Network - Research Seminar - Yen Dang (University of Leeds)

Vocabulary in academic spoken English

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Yen Dang (University of Leeds)

Vocabulary in academic spoken English

To achieve academic success in English-medium university programs, students need to understand not only their reading materials but also lectures, seminars, labs, and tutorials. Yet comprehending academic spoken English is challenging for many second language (L2) learners, and insufficient vocabulary knowledge is frequently cited as a major reason for this difficulty.

Despite the significant role of vocabulary in comprehension, little is known about the nature of vocabulary in academic spoken English. In the talk, I will review the findings of current studies of mine and others, which are among the few attempts to address this gap. The talk will be organized around five key questions related to vocabulary in academic spoken English: (a) How many words are needed to understand academic spoken English? (b) To what extent do English for Academic Purposes (EAP) learners know high-frequency words? (c) To what extent do existing academic written word lists cover the vocabulary in academic spoken English? (d) What are the most frequent and wide ranging words in academic spoken English? and (e) How could the list of these words be used in EAP programmes? 

Directions for future research are also discussed in the talk.


Seminar Recording

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