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Centre for Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusive Education (SENDIN)

Regular centre meeting for staff and students

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The next research centre meeting will be by Dr Alison Black on 9 November in Baring Court 07 and on MS Teams. Please confirm if you will be attending in person on joining the meeting on MS Teams.

An overview of permanent school exclusions in England

Dr Alison Black, University of Exeter

I aim to present various statistics regarding permanent school exclusions in England. Publicly available national data (such as DfE, 2019. Permanent and fixed-period exclusions in England. DfE) are used to explore patterns to give an overview of the number, profile and characteristics (considering variables such as age, ethnicity) of the population of children/young people permanently excluded. The Chapter does not seek to explain the trends; rather it presents them, as a “where are we” picture of permanent exclusions in England. It is important to have such an overview, in order to contextualize the English education system and view the implications of policy on practice with regards to exclusions demonstrated through pupil numbers and proportionality.