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Centre for Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusive Education (SENDIN)

Regular centre meeting for staff and students (all welcome)

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Molly Li will present her PhD research ideas and plans at our next online Centre meeting on 31 Jan 1-2pm.

A Mixed Methods Study of Inclusive Education Initiatives for Left-Behind Children in Rural China: Contexts, Barriers and Solutions 

Parents have a crucial role to play in their children‘s education (Department for Education and Department of Health and Social Care, 2015). However, there is a group of students who are growing up without the companionship and support of their parents. There are approximately 69 million children left behind by one or both of their parents due to migration in China (UNICEF, 2019). “Left behind” children are not only an independent case in China, because of the imbalanced economic development between different regions and countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Senegal and Kenya (Graham & Jordan, 2011; Gasparetti, 2011; Glewwe, Kremer & Moulin, 2009), it is a significant phenomenon that requires in-depth investigation areas.  

The aim of this PhD project is to examine the current situations of the special educational needs of left-behind children and their social inclusion. The research outcomes will have high potential to help address the SEND challenges faced by other children who lack parental support in other countries as well.