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CEEN Seminar: Thinking-with whimsy as generative acts

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Thinking-with whimsy as generative acts

Dr Helen Clarke and Dr Sharon Witt (@Attention2Place)


The session aims to provide opportunities to explore themes of emergence, creativity, whimsical attention, playing-with place, diffraction, and collective experimentation. During this interactive workshop we will think-with whimsy to play-with new ideas and do things differently. We will consider what whimsy might be, the paradoxes of whimsical practices, offer participants time to engage-with whimsy, and to muse on possibilities for their own context.


See attached flyer for full details.


Helen and Sharon are primary teachers and teacher educators working within subject disciplines of science and geography. They currently work in interdisciplinary ways as @Attention2Place, researching place attention and responsiveness with children, teachers, students, and local communities. They explore posthumanist, new materialist, common worlds perspectives through creative, playful, critical, material encounters with the world.


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