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CELS webinar: Prof. Jan Trzaskowski (CBS) - 'YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO US!

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In this seminar CBS (Copenhagen Business School) Law Professor Jan Trzaskowski will present to us his book that was just published: ‘YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO US! – Restoring Human Dignity in Data-Driven Marketing’.

The book explores the application of EU consumer law—including data protection law and other fundamental rights—to data-driven business models that infringe on human agency, social cohesion and democratic debate. In the book, the author argues that ‘paying with personal data’ is a misleading framing when, in fact, we pay with attention and agency—which are both scarcer and more precious than personal data and are also important in social and societal contexts. A three-tiered model of information asymmetry is introduced to illustrate why information does not ensure transparency, which is a prerequisite for user empowerment. More information about the book: Ex Tuto A/S | Fair Publishing | Aktuel Jura