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Centre for Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusive Education (SENDIN)

We are very pleased to have Dr Matthew Schuelka (USA) and Dr Thomas Engsig (Denmark) present a talk to centre members.

Event details

Understanding Inclusion and Belonging in Complex Education Systems

Dr Matthew Schuelka (University of Minnesota) and Dr Thomas Engsig (University College of Northern Denmark)

In this online talk, Dr Matthew Schuelka and Dr Thomas Engsig will argue that in order to understand how inclusivity and belonging function in an education system, we must first understand education through the lens of complexity. Rather than a functional or instrumentalist approach to analysing inclusive education as a matter of inputs and outputs, Schuelka and Engsig argue that a chaotic array of elements must align through intentionally designed synchronicity, in order for true inclusive cultures and educational reforms to be realised. We will first present our theoretical framework, called Complex Educational Systems Analysis (Schuelka  & Engsig, 2022), and then present two different cases from Bhutan and Denmark (Engsig, 2022) applying the framework towards a greater understanding of inclusion and belonging in these two educational contexts.