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Exploring Gender Equalities and English Language Teacher Training: A Systematic Review of Literature (2000-2022) - Prof Michael Thomas (Liverpool John Moores University)

Digital Literacy of Second/Foreign Language Teachers Project Seminar

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Digital Literacy of Second/Foreign Language Teachers Project Seminar

Exploring Gender Equalities and English Language Teacher Training: A Systematic Review of Literature (2000-2022)


Research on English language teacher training, digital literacies and gender equality in low-and-middle-income countries (LMIC) is a strategic priority according to UN Sustainable Development Goals 4.c and 5 and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. This paper reports on the THEMIS project (Evaluating gender equity and equality in the English language teaching curriculum, ICT policies and learning materials) and evaluates the English language curriculum of teacher training courses in Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. THEMIS adopts a mixed-methods approach in which quantitative data are collected using questionnaires and qualitative data via narrative enquiry, semi-structured interviews, observation, textbook analysis and documentary analysis. A systematic literature review (SLR) was conducted in the first phase of the THEMIS project to outline studies in three areas: 1) gender equality and equity in English language teacher education; 2) ICT policies and gender equality in English language teaching curricula; and 3) gender representation in training materials. Findings indicate that there has been an increase in publications in the last decade compared to the earlier years. This suggests that gender equality in language teaching is an enduring, relevant, and important subject for educational research. This paper maps out the research field, addresses its main directions and themes, its strengths and limitations, and provides a basis for future research in the field.

About the speaker
Dr Michael Thomas is Professor of Education and Social Justice and Chair of the Centre for Educational Research (CERES) at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He holds PhDs from Newcastle University and Lancaster University respectively and has taught and conducted research at universities in Germany, Japan and the UK over a twenty-five-year period. He is author or editor of over 30 books and peer-reviewed special editions on computer-assisted language learning, digital natives, project-based pedagogy, online education and pedagogical theory. He is founding editor of four book series, including Digital Education and Learning, Advances in Digital Language Learning and Teaching and Global Policy and Critical Futures in Education. His most recent books include Language Teaching with Video-Based Technologies: Creativity and CALL Teacher Education (2020; with Christel Schneider), Project-based Language Learning and CALL: From Virtual Exchange to Social Justice (2021; with Kasumi Yamazaki) and Digital Games and Language Learning: Theory, Development and Implementation (2021; with Kasumi Yamazaki and Mark Peterson).

Dr Ayca Gunaydin Kaymakcioglu is a Research Assistant at the Liverpool John Moores University. She obtained her PhD degree in educational sciences from Bogazici University in Turkey. Her research interests include gender and education policy, global governance of education, and social justice in education. Before obtaining her doctoral degree, she worked as an EFL instructor at a higher education institution in Turkey. She also contributed to several publishing projects as a translator and editor. She is currently working on the British Council-funded THEMIS project, focussing on gender equality and ICT policy in English Language Teacher Training in Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.