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Centre for Research in Language and Literacy (Vocabulary Studies): Research Seminar - CIIP Models of Vocabulary: Knowledge and Acquisition

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CIIP Models of Vocabulary
Knowledge and Acquisition

Norbert Schmitt
Emeritus, University of Nottingham

I have been working on vocabulary issues since 1992, and in that time, I have always been interested in how to explain vocabulary learning and use.  The field has been able explain various individual facets of vocabulary learning, e.g. how repetition facilitates learning, how incidental exposure can lead to learning, and how explicit attention to vocabulary speeds learning.  But the field has never been able to develop a model of how overall vocabulary learning happens, i.e. the whole picture.  I have been thinking about this for years, but my retirement has given me time to start to formulate my ideas.  In this presentation, I share these ideas of what an overall model of vocabulary acquisition might look like, based on a CIIP Perspective: vocabulary knowledge is Complex, Integrated, Incremental, and a Process.  Attend my presentation to hear the details.  And then discuss them with me, so together we can improve them!