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Egenis book launch: Drawing Processes of Life, Molecules, Cells , Organisms. Gemma Anderson and John Dupre (University of Exeter)

Egenis book launch

Drawing Processes of Life is the product of biologists, philosophers, and artists working together to formulate new ways of representing our new approach to life. It is a mutualistic symbiosis, where identities are transformed, information and nutritive substances shared, and where new organisms emerge.

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Originating from an AHRC-funded interdisciplinary project, it derives from Gemma Andersons’ work on the methodological and epistemological value of drawing as a technique in biological research and from her collaborative work on visualising living – biological – processes through artistic processes. It also draws on John Dupré’s recent work on biology as process, and the need to develop representations of biological systems that more adequately capture their processual nature. Hence the book has intertwined aims: to show how better to represent biological process through drawing and to demonstrate the scientific value of drawing as a method.

Speakers: Chiara Ambrosio, Adam Toon, JJ Phillips, James Wakefield

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Venue: Byrne House, St German's Road, Streatham Campus, Exeter.

Online: via Zoom