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CREATE Workshop with Bob Jeffrey and Margo Greenwood (University of Exeter)

Writing descriptive fieldnotes: Literary opportunities, thick description and the reflexive perspectives

Qualitative researchers have to produce the descriptive data that both reflect these characteristics and provide data for analysis. In the main this involves the ethnographer writing or/and recording these descriptions in the form of fieldnotes. There are many types of fieldnotes and ways of recording them but one major aspect is the creative fieldnote. These portray, in a literary form, a description of the environment in which our respondents work and live and the part people play in managing it and influencing it. The researcher, in the case of ethnography, is the instrument through which written data is collected and they use many literary forms to construct data that reflects the lived reality of those we research. This workshop will focus on some of these imaginative and creative forms from the extensive work carried out by Bob Jeffrey over 20 years of ethnographic field work and following this Margo Greenwood will lead a discussion on the value of a reflexive voice in the construction of qualitative data. An exemplar of creative field note writing will be available prior to the session to enable a valuable discussion and can be obtained by booking a place for the session with Jo Moncur.

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Baring Court 202