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Reading, writing, talking and doing science - a seminar with Professor Paul Webb (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

Centre for Research in Teaching Thinking & Dialogue (THINK) Research Seminar

This talk focuses on work that has been done over the past decade to promote scientific literacy in its fundamental and derived senses in primary schools in South Africa. The strategy that was used is described and associated research findings are highlighted. While aspects of the strategy, such as reading and writing to learn science, framing a researchable question, and using argumentation writing frames will be referred to, the effects of exploratory talk, particularly in second-language teaching and learning environments, will be dealt with in greater detail.

Event details

Paul Webb is a professor of science education in the Faculty of Education at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  Paul‘s research interests lie in the promotion of scientific literacy in its broadest sense, including promoting understandings of the nature of science, inquiry and exploratory talk, alternative worldviews and science, language issues in science teaching and learning, use of technology in science education, and the development of thinking skills and visuo-spatial abilities.


Baring Court 112