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Seminar by Dr Kristine Black-Hawkins (University of Cambridge) 'Achievement and inclusion in Schools'

Dr Black-Hawkins' presentation focuses on a study recently completed with her colleagues Lani Florian and Martyn Rouse.

This research sets out to examine the nature of the relationship between achievement and inclusion in schools, and specifically how schools can support high levels of achievement for diverse groups of students. Four case studies of schools were undertaken, one each from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, so as to learn from the changing policy contexts of the four countries of the UK. The presentation addresses concerns about how schools can respond to differences between learners in ways that support the learning and participation of everyone. The following key questions are considered: • What strategies do schools use to raise the achievement of all students whilst safeguarding the inclusion of others who are more vulnerable? • How can schools ensure high levels of inclusion as well as high levels of achievement for everyone? • How might research into these matters be carried out?

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Kristine Black-Hawkins is senior lecturer in inclusive education and Director of Learning and Teaching at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. Prior to this she worked in schools and for local government and taught at the Open University. Her research focuses on how schools and classrooms can be developed so as to promote the achievement of all learners, whilst safeguarding the inclusion of those who are more vulnerable to processes of exclusion. She is also interested in exploring student and recently qualified teachers’ understandings of inclusive classroom practices, and the generation of research approaches and tools to support this work.


Baring Court 114