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Exeter Neuroscience Research Seminar Series

Join us for the next in a series of seminars based around our neuroscience research

The evening will consist of three presentations followed by an opportunity for discussion and debate. This month's speakers: This month’s speakers are : Dr Therese Murphy – “Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Analysis in the Brains of Depressed Suicide Completers” Dr Joel Tabak “Dynamic clamp: a small step for an electrophysiology setup, a giant leap forward for neuroscience” Joel Tabak is a computational neuroscientist who has studied oscillatory systems at the network and cell levels. One of his current interests is to understand how changes in ion channel properties — in response to chemical signals or due to pathological conditions — affect the electrical activity of single excitable cells. He uses a combination of mathematical, computational and electrophysiological tools to address this question. The talk will present an application of the dynamic clamp, a technique that bridges the computational and electrophysiological aspects to determine how ion channels shape electrical activity. Dr Sharan Savage “Investigations in TIME – The puzzle of Transient Epileptic Amnesia” Nikki Archer,

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