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Seminar: Patterns of GP prescribing behaviour

Insights into GPs’ adoption of innovations by Professor Philip Stern

Part of the Learning, Knowing, Doing seminar series, Prof Philip Stern (Professor of Marketing, University of Exeter Business School) will explain the diffusion of medical innovations.

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Since the landmark paper in Sociometry by Colman, Katz and Menzel in 1957, researchers have utilised concepts based upon social networks and  social integration to explain the diffusion of medical innovations. This research revisits these efforts as well as a footnote in the original work which indicated that prescription frequency was more important than social integration in the speed of adoption. We present evidence from the launch of 36 new pharmaceuticals in the UK.

Philip has been researching GP prescribing behaviour since 1990 and his doctorate applied stochastic modelling to GP prescribing. He holds a visiting Professorship at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute at the University of South Australia.

He has published many articles in journals including Management Science, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, Marketing Letters, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Advertising Research, Long Range Planning, British Journal of Management, Omega, Journal of Brand Management

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South Cloisters 2.13, St Luke's Campus, EX1 2LU