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PenCHORD Training: Module 2: Geographic Modelling

MODULE 2 : Geographic Modelling

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Geographic modelling techniques provide vital decision support when deciding where to place services, or to predict the impact of service closure or geographic reconfiguration. Simple but effective geographic models can be built using a combination of Microsoft Excel and freely available software. In this module, students will learn how to build a geographic model to predict the impact of theoretical Minor Injury Unit closures in Cornwall.


Learning Objectives:

Understand the role and potential applications of geographic modelling
Obtain a batch of shortest driving distance and time calculations from a dataset containing patient and provider postcode data
Build a geographic model in Excel of the current service scenario
Use “What If” analysis to predict the impact of service closures
Visualise the results of geographic modelling using Google Fusion Tables
Understand how a geographic model could be built to assess the best place to locate services amongst a number of alternative options



Baring Court 112