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What’s up on WhatsApp?

CTTD Visiting Scholar Research Talk - Ameya G. Canovi (Parma University)

Ameya G. Canovi was born in Brazil, but she lives in Italy. She has been an English teacher for 30 years. She is a psychologist and a PhD student. Her research area is in Psychology of education, specifically emergent emotions in classroom interactions. Ameya is visiting the University of Exeter for one month to meet with colleagues to develop her research ideas further. In this talk she will present on her current research project.

Event details

This study aims to investigate the narratives of 89 students on WhatsApp. They are from 4 different classrooms, aged between 16-18, attending a high school in the countryside of northern Italy. We analyse 18 chats altogether. We recorded the morning lessons and then asked students to participate to a chat for one hour. Our guiding questions were: How did you feel this morning? What do you think of this lesson?

We recorded two traditional lessons for each teacher. Then we asked the teacher to suggest one spatial innovation and one technological innovation. From a first thematic data analysis we found that WhatsApp can be a dialogical space. Students expressed appreciation for the innovations but argued that the best thing for them seems to be to have a space to discuss together. Our research is still in progress.

All are welcome to attend this seminar.


Baring Court 220