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“The end of the world?': 2017 Existential Risk symposium"

An Egenis and University of Exeter Philosophy Society event

Dr Adrian Currie will be joining us from the University of Cambridge to discuss Existential Risk with Professor John Dupré, director of Egenis, and Dr Sabina Leonelli, co-director of Egenis. Dr Currie is a postdoctoral researcher from CSER, the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk. CSER is an interdisciplinary research centre within the University of Cambridge dedicated to the study and mitigation of human extinction-level risks that may emerge from technological advances and human activity. They state on their website the 'aim to combine key insights from the best minds across disciplines to tackle the greatest challenge of the 21st century: safely harnessing our rapidly-developing technological power... to the task of ensuring that our own species has a long-term future.'

Event details

Dr Currie will be giving an introductory talk on Existential Risk, the work CSER is currently conducting, its aims and objectives, and his own research on the need to open up scientific cultures to prevent existential risk. This will then be followed by a cross party discussion with Professor John Dupré and Dr Sabina Leonelli, both presenting their take on Existential Risk from their main research interests, including the risks of Gene Editing, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. This will then progress into a Q&A. Refreshments will be provided.


Some of the current major research projects at CSER include 'Managing Extreme Technological Risk' (supported by the Templeton World Charity Foundation) and 'Extreme Risks and the Global Environment' (supported by the Grantham Foundation), as well as the Blavatnik Public Lecture series and the Hauser-Raspe workshop series. Research is also supported by the Libra Foundation, the Musk Foundation, the Milner Foundation and other generous philanthropic support.


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