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Over Homer's Dead Body - Rejuvenating Medical Education, Seeking Help From Homer

Clinical Education Seminar

Keynote speakers Robert Marshall and Alan Bleakley discuss their book ‘Rejuvenating Medical Education.

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Seeking Help from Homer’, in which the authors return to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey for inspiration, using these epics as a medium through which to “think otherwise” about key issues in contemporary medicine and medical education. They will discuss some of these issues in their talk, such as doctors as heroes in an age of teamwork, collaboration and a more feminine medicine; the “training” of medical students to communicate with patients and colleagues; the reduction of compassion to the “skill” of empathy; the likeness of the rote recital of the medical history to the song of a Homeric bard; and the new vogue for “resilience” as response to increasing levels of stress and burnout in the profession.

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