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Waking up to planetary health

Keynote speaker Sir Andy Haines

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Join us for a day to learn about the intricate connections and inter-dependence of multiple biological, chemical, geological, physical, economic and social systems on which human health and the health of the rest of our planet depend. Hear how planetary health is linked with almost every decision and action we take, at home or at work, from what we eat, what we wear, what and where we procure, how we travel, how we use medicines and how we dispose of our waste.

Engage with experts and fellow attendees to understand how we can all make a difference so that we don’t compromise the health and wellbeing of future generations of humans and many other species on our planet.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the concept of planetary health and why future human health and wellbeing depend on it.
  • Appreciate the multiple complex and interdependent natural systems, operating at different spatial and temporal scales, which have allowed human society to develop and flourish, and the dangers and risks of inadvertently disrupting such systems.
  • Understand the vital and transformative role of the health and care sector in recognising that we all bear a heavy responsibility for the health and wellbeing of future generations, not just the current generation.


Open to all. No specialist knowledge required.

Standard delegate rate £70

Inclusive of refreshments, finger buffet and resources


For a full programme of the day, conference resources and link to event recording, visit CMH learning resources at


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