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Exploring Pluri-Logicality - ‘The Literature Review’ Seminar

This seminar will build on the ‘Exploring Plurilogicality’ interactive symposium that CEEN (Creativity and Emergent Educational-futures Network) held in July 2018.

Event details

At the event we workshopped and debated the notion of plurilogicality, whilst simultaneously commissioning a literature review into this area. The literature review is now complete and this autumn seminar will provide an opportunity to share its outcomes and further debate how the term/practice of ‘plurilogicality’ might work for or be adapted by CEEN members.

This event is open to all CEEN members and other interested GSE staff and students. 

Please RSVP to Kerry Chappell (co-leader of CEEN) by Tuesday 13 November.

CEEN brings together a group of people with overlapping and intersecting philosophical orientations, ideologies and values that challenge the status quo on education. Despite the diversity within CEEN, we all do research that, in various ways, argues for the centrality of difference and emergence in our practices of thinking, being and doing. We have, to date, termed this ‘pluri-logical’ because it challenges dominant linear, ‘monological’ understandings, which are conducted exclusively within one point of view or frame of reference.


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