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Exeter Society for Curriculum Studies Book Launch: 'Just Education'

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Just Education

What is and what should be

edited by Mike Golby and Allen Parrott
Exeter Society for Curriulum Studies


Exams, tests, inspections, league tables!  

This generation of students is being evaluated on the wrong set of criteria, and so are their schools. - Robert Peston


Here is the inside story told by dedicated educators who have lived through it!

this book speaks powerfully to all who support the common good in a socially just society. - Professor Meg Maguire, King's College London

wish I'd had this when I became a school governor, now with this book I can see the issues I missed at the time. - Chair of Governors, Primary School, Essex

well done, these educators! The inside story of what's happened to our schools.  At last something the 'customers' can understand. - Business woman, Bristol

They told me I should be 'a credit to the school'. No Way!. - Student, Leeds


It not's new though!

In 1911 Edmond Holmes published What is and What Might be.  A former Chief Inspector of Elementary Schools, he presented two paths of schooling - the path of mechanical obedience and the path of self-realisation.  He commented:

The real 'results' of education are in the child's heart and mind and soul, beyond the reach of any tape or measuring machine.

This book is in Holmes' tradition, an educators' reply to all the forces of materialistic conformity bearing down upon the whole population via the school system.


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