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Inner Speech, Self-talk and Mental Health


For several decades the phenomenon of inner speech has been seen as relevant to understanding psychiatric conditions; most notably, voice hearing and thought insertion. But inner speech itself is far from being fully understood.

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What is inner speech? What is its relationship to self-talk? Why do we talk to ourselves if we already know what we are going to say? And if we don’t know what we are going to say, what does this tell us about the human mind? Can this shed light on certain mental health conditions? Does the way in which we think and talk about ourselves and our mental health have implications for our experiences and our wellbeing?

This one-day workshop, taking place at Egenis, in Byrne House, and generously supported by the Wellcome Trust project Hearing the voice (, brings together researchers from various disciplines working on these related issues. These disciplines include: cognitive and developmental psychology, analytic philosophy, phenomenology, psycholinguistics and sociology.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Louis Sass (Rutgers)

Charles Fernyhough (Durham)

Felicity Deamer (Durham)

Daniel Gregory (Tubingen)

Courtney Buckler (Exeter)


Byrne House