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Physical Sciences and Engineering

Physical Sciences and Engineering

On the Physical Sciences and Engineering strand, you will get the opportunity to experience a wide range of STEM subjects that will help you understand real-world science and begin to think about the solutions to problems that may arise from these. 

In Renewable Energy and Engineering, you will discover how we can adapt our ways of living and building to create a more sustainable future. You will learn about the basics of Renewable Energy and Engineering, and take an in-depth look into solar power, finding out about the exciting new ways that technologies can be developed. 

Mining is vital to our daily lives and sustained growth throughout the world. In your Mining sessions, you will be taught by academics from the world-leading Camborne School of Mines about how engineers use technology to enact change in ‘Its 2020 – Why don’t we have Flying Cars?’, and begin to understand automation and its place within engineering.  

Engineering is all about taking a knowledge of science and mathematics and applying this to solve problems in the real world. In your Engineering sessions, you will look at how a knowledge of forces and energy can be used to design machines, and how the study of the movement of fluids (fluid dynamics) has a huge number of applications. 

Physics is the study of the physical world around us in order to better understand the universe. Throughout your Physics sessions this week, you will look at some of the ways we collect and analyse information from many light years away. Your sessions will also explore how Physics has real-world applications here on Earth.


Mining Engineering
An Introduction to Automation – Matthew Eyre


Renewable Energy Engineering
Introduction to Renewable Energy – Prof. Richard Cochrane


Exoplanet Climates: Aliens and the Weather! – Prof. Nathan Mayne


The Physics of Movement – Joanna Bennett


What is quantum cryptography and how does it work? – Janet Anders


Black Holes and Invisibility Cloaks – Dr Simon Horsley


Renewable Energy Engineering
Solar Power: The Rise of Efficiency – Dr Katie Shanks


What is turbulence, and how does it work? – Dr David Moxey



'Solar Design' – Exercise

'Solar Design' – Calculations for Exercise




Reflective Piece

Guidance for Reflective Piece (PDF)