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Circular Economy Tool for Your Business

Circular Economy Tool for Your Business


Key points

  1. Being part of the circular economy is good for the business and good for the environment.
  2. Contact us to find out how circular your business is, what you can do to improve, and considerations for the future.

The circular economy is about moving away from the prevailing throwaway culture and finding ways to make better use of our resources. A circular economy strives to maintain the value of materials and products for as long as possible, minimise waste and resource use, create new values from products when they reach the end of their life, and reduce negative environmental impacts and instead contribute to environmental growth.

The circular economy increases resource efficiency by closing loops of resource flows. Adopting circular economy practices has direct benefits for companies, such as:

  • Greater resource supply security and cost stability
  • Access to new markets and sources of income
  • Brand protection
  • Reduced waste management costs
  • Meeting increasingly stringent and sometimes punitive regulations

Half of business leaders in the world are already looking to join the circular economy, from multi-nationals to SMES and new start-ups.

Our Circular Assessment Tool is an online tool designed to help businesses understand the different operational and organisational aspects of the circular economy.

By completing the Circle Assessment, your business will be able to understand the key elements of the circular economy that are practical for your business, strategies to implement circular thinking in your business, and inspirational case studies and examples of best practices. 

Once the assessment has been completed, your business will be sent a short report with a summary of:

  • A score of how well the business follows the elements of the circular economy
  • The current circular strategies that the business follows
  • Future opportunities for circular strategies that a business can pursue
  • Key challenges that a business needs to address to implement circularity

» If you would like to undertake the Circular Self-Assessment for your business, please complete this enquiry form.